Build modular Flutter Components without even thinking about it.

Flutter Forge is a library that facilitates building complex, state based, modular, compossible, testable Flutter Components in isolation.

void main() {
group('Counter Store', () {
test('when sent IncrementCounterByOne action it increments the count',
() async {
final store = TestStore(
initialState: const counter.State(count: 0),
reducer: counter.counterReducer,
environment: counter.Environment());
final results = await store.send(counter.IncrementCounterByOne());
expect(results.length, 1);
expect(results[0].action is counter.IncrementCounterByOne, true);
expect(results[0].state, const counter.State(count: 1));


Getting started

Learn how to get up and running with Flutter Forge in under thirty minutes.

Installing dependencies

  1. Add the flutter_forge package as a dependency in your pubspec.yaml.
  2. Install the dependencies with flutter pub get.

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